CEGRAD collaborations have been in the areas of research, advocacy and outreach 

Partnership Institutions and Area of Cooperation

  1. University of Kassel (2014 to date)- areas of collaboration include:
  2. Theologische Hochsule Freidensau, Germany and Volkswaggen (VW) Foundation- areas of collaboration International PhD Summer School  Training (2016- 2018)

    3. Universidad Complutense de Madrid- areas of collaboration

    • Research on Men, Gender Equality and Parental Leave systems (2015) 
    • Hosting a visiting professor (2015)
  3. University of Michigan and Department of Population and Health- areas of collaboration
    • Research and training programmes
  4. Department of Obstetrics and Gynecology, University of Cape Coast- area of collaboration: Training of health Workers
  5.  Friedrich-Ebert-Stiftung - areas of collaboration

7. College of Distance Education (CoDE), University of Cape Coast- areas of collaboration 

  • Research on Gender Orders and Higher Education in the University of Cape Coast’s College of Distance Education (2015 to date)​
  • Gender Analysis training workshop (2016)

9. The Association of Ghana University Women (GAUW)