Strategic Plan


CEGRAD’s strategic plan seeks to between 2013 and 2017 under taken the following actions

Key Thrust 1: Create an Environment that Seeks to Improve Student Life, Foster Focused Learning and Graduate Students with Strong Ethics and Commitment to Society

Key Thrust 2: Create a Conducive Working Environment which recognises Equal Opportunities for Faculties,

Key Thrust 3: Recruit, Select, Develop and Retain High Calibre and Motivated Teaching and Administrative Staff

Key Thrust 4: Create a Learning Organisation Culture that Enhances Teamwork, Efficiency, Discipline and Commitment

Key Thrust 5: Promote active and reflective teaching and learning, Research, and Outreach that Strongly Positions University of Cape Coast as a Centre of Excellence

Key Thrust 6: Develop New Programmes Periodically Revise Existing Ones, and Vigorously Pursue Sandwich Education

Key Thrust 7: Develop and Strengthen Integrated ICT infrastructure and Facilities that Robustly Supports Teaching and Learning, Outreach, Administration and Support Services

Key Thrust 8: Develop Linkages with Local and Foreign Institutions, Alumni and Partnership

Key Thrust 9: Improve upon Management Capacity & Institutional Governance Systems

Key Thrust 10: Vigorously work to improve revenue generation and enforce fiscal discipline