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Core Activities

Core Activities & Mandate

Gender Research

To operate as a research and documentation centre, CEGRAD undertakes researches in the area of Gender (in the domains of both masculinities and femininities or women’s studies, and sexualities). It further organizes gender analysis training workshops for staff and students of the university of Cape Coast. These workshops are organised with the goal of equipping the university community (Graduate students and academic staff) with research skills to undertake gender related research. Another key feature of the Centre is the flagship Gender Research Series which brings together faculty and graduate students during the semester to share gender related research findings and also discuss the methodologies and rudiments of gender and feminist research projects

A core feature of CEGRADs mandate is to educate the university community and the sexual harassment committee on sexual harassment issues. Sexual harassment training workshops undertaken have as a result targeted students and other key stakeholders in the line of receiving and addressing sexual harassment occurrence on campus; the sexual harassment committee, hall tutors/wardens, hall counsellors and the counselling unit. Students training take place in two forms, during orientation of fresh students and specific programmes organised on sexual harassment awareness and Gender Based Violence such as Relationship Tidbits. The centre also organises annual international women’s day programmes where various issues of concern to women are addressed.