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Partnership & Collaboration

International Collaborators

International Collaborators

University of Birmingham, UK: Involves the sharing of experiences on gender equality issues and gender related research projects between the University of Birmingham and University of Cape Coast.

Freie Universität Berlin: The main partnership is to undertake a four-year project aimed at institutionalising equal opportunities practices in the University of Cape Coast. Other areas of cooperation include exchange of faculty members, students and publications. The partnership also seeks to promote joint projects, workshop, conference, teaching project and cultural programmes.

Theologische Hochschule Friedensau, Germany The main collaboration was in the areas of organising three PhD summer schools on gender related themes funded by VW Foundation from 2016 to 2018. The aim is to build the capacity of PhD students and early career PhD researchers in conducting gender research on land. CEGRAD also benefits from academic exchange programmes for staff and students and research collaborations. CEGRAD currently has three of its past national service personnel pursuing their masters degree at Friedensau.

National Collaborators

National Collaborators

Ministry of Gender, Children and Social Protection, Ghana: This collaboration offers CEGRAD visibility within the gender policy space in Ghana. CEGRAD’s official opening was attended by Deputy Minister, Hon. Dela Sowah and CEGRAD has been part of stakeholder dialogues on Ghana’s Domestic Violence Bill as well as the Affirmative Action Bill.

CEGRAD further offers assistance and partnership to the Central Region department of gender in the area of research and advocacy.

Areas of collaborations


  • Freie Universitat Berlin (FUB)- areas of collaboration
  • University of Michigan and Department of Population and Health (2017 to date)- areas of cooperation
  • Theologische Hochsule Freidensau, Germany and Volkswaggen (VW) Foundation (2016 to date)- areas of collaboration
  • Universidad Complutense de Madrid (2015 to date)- area of collaboration
  • College of Distance Education (CoDE), University of Cape Coast- areas of collaboration

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