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Centre for Gender Research, Advocacy and Documentation

The Mission of CEGRAD

The mission of CEGRAD is to engage in theory and practice to position the University of Cape Coast as a leader in gender equality and women’s rights within the academy and beyond

Vision of CEGRAD

CEGRAD was set up with the vision to create a safe, creative and inclusive space where gender and women’s rights are fully protected.


Core Values of CEGRAD

Create a gender equal and inclusive learning and work environment

Ensure equal opportunities for all constituents in the university

Ensure sexual and gender-based violence free university


Centre for Gender Research, Advocacy and Documentation

The mandate of CEGRAD includes to:

  • operate as a Research, Advocacy and Documentation focal point on Gender and Women Studies
  • ensure adherence to gender sensitivity in the university wide policy and programmes
  • support faculties, schools and institutes to engender their taught programmes and teaching approaches
  • offer a framework for monitoring adherence to gender sensitivity in policymaking and for feedback on effort at promoting gender equality at UCC 
  • facilitate the protection of women’s rights and the promotion of gender equity at UCC and beyond
  • coordinate relations within and beyond UCC for the promotion of gender interests

Core Activities & Mandate

CEGRAD has five core strategic priority areas for 2019 to 2022. These are:

Key Strategic Areas: Priority 1

Strengthen Teaching and Research in the Area of Gender

Key Strategic Areas: Priority 2

Create Conducive Environment for Teaching, Learning and Work

Key Strategic Areas: Priority 3

Staff Development

Key Strategic Areas: Priority 4

Seek Opportunities that will Enhance the Centre's Growth Through Public Engagement

Key Strategic Areas: Priority 5

Monitor Adherence to Engender University Policies and Activities 

Other Services of CEGRAD

Sexual Harassment Reporting

You can use this medium to get help for a sexual harassment

Become a Volunteer

You could become a volunteer and help promote CEGRAD to the fronline

Feedback on CEGRAD

Are you satisfied with CEGRAD activities? Do you have any recommendation? Give us a feedback